Global API Reference

We provide a global set of Builtin functions

// MakeKSUID make a ID
func MakeKSUID() string 

// MapKeys Traverse m callback key to f
func MapKeys(m any, f func(k any))

// WatchKick kick off uid
func WatchKick(watchuid string, uid string)

// WatchClear clear all watch
func WatchClear(watchuid string)

And we also provide the Go plugin method to support more functions.

Generate api.*.so files by writing plug-ins to support more functions for server-side script codes When the api starts, it will search for api.*.so and add all of them to become available functions of the script This “lockval” plugin can click here to view the source code

After loading some plugins. Your plugin will be in G[“YourPluginName”]

How to use, let’s give a simple example:

import { Dict, DBOperate } from "../libs/lockvalserver"

export function main(input: DBOperate<any>) {
  let c=globalThis.G["lockval"].Sum("a","b")
  return { Hello: globalThis.Builtin.MakeKSUID() }
return require("umd").define({
}, function(exports, helper)

    function exports.main(input)
        local c = _G.G["lockval"].Sum("a","b")
        return {Hello = _G.Builtin.MakeKSUID()}

def main(input):
  return {"Hello":globalThis.Builtin.MakeKSUID()}

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