Lockval Engine is free Game backend engine


Lockval Engine is a distributed backend DATA engine

that can simulate the rules of the world in your imagination

Lockval Engine is commonly used in game backends

It integrates network gateway module, data storage module and logic script processing module, as well as triggers module.

You just need to deal with request, response and Get data , Calculation and Set data.

The change data will be automatically synchronized to the interface caller.

Multiple programming script support


  • Lua a lightweight, high-level, multi-paradigm programming language.


  • JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted, or just-in-time compiled programming language with first-class functions.


  • Starlark is a dialect of Python. Like Python, it is a dynamically typed language with high-level data types.


  • Go is a statically typed, compiled programming language. Use golang to achieve higher performance programs.

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Easy to use

run the code in playground (JS) (Python) (Lua)

// request
function main(input){
  // Get data

  // Calculation
  let c = input.GetResp.IDKey[input.UID].
  let ci = Number(c)
  c = ci.toString()
  // Set data

  // response
  return { "resp": c }

Module(services) Introduction


  • Responsible for processing data communication, sending requests to api, and synchronizing to callers when db data changes


  • Respond to the request and process the data using the user’s server-side script


  • Responsible for processing GetAndLock and PutAndUnlock, locking data when obtaining data, and unlocking data after modifying data. Data is cached in memory during use and released when not in use.


  • Provides a variety of triggers to trigger script execution, including: timer, cron, http action, upload script

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Why Lockval Engine

Learn Quickly

Lockval Engine is an out-of-the-box engine

You only need to download the apidemo program to run the engine

Through the online apidemo and playground projects, you can quickly understand the use of api.

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Build Quickly

You just need to surround request, response and Get data , Calculation and Set data.

that can complete a simple business development.

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All In One

You don’t need to think about how to choose a database,

how to design a protocol, design timers, triggers.

you only need to care about data processing to complete all the functions you need

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